Erica Asinas , M.S.

Research Scientist Climate Impacts Group

Erica’s professional mission is to promote equity in climate adaptation by using participatory research, policy analysis and social science methods to understand the disproportionate impacts of climate change and climate policy to frontline communities.

Areas of Expertise

Adaptation planning Community resilience Coastal adaptation Climate policy


Erica is a research scientist and project manager with the Climate Impacts Group, with expertise in policy and social sciences. Erica received her M.S in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute in New York City. Her thesis work examined federal and city level coastal adaptation policies and strategies through an equity lens, focusing on how managed retreat can serve as a just transition for historically underserved urban-coastal communities. Outside of the Climate Impacts Group, Erica serves as a resource to diverse nonprofits and community-based groups working to address pressing environmental justice issues in New York and now in the Pacific Northwest.

Research Interests

  • Equity impacts of climate adaptation policies
  • Climate change impacts on human migration and community resilience
  • Developing methods to enhance informed participation and leadership of communities most vulnerable to climate change