Mary Ann in a backyard garden with a fence and a tree

Mary Ann Rozance , Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center


Mary Ann Rozance is the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center’s Postdoctoral Fellow. Mary Ann’s doctoral research examined sea level rise adaptation planning in Miami-Dade County, Florida, focusing on knowledge systems and institutional processes that determine how risks from sea level rise are understood, assessed and managed by different stakeholders across the landscape. She is fascinated by how different types of knowledge, including scientific knowledge and community-based knowledge, inform climate adaptation decisions. Mary Ann brings expertise in different social science theories and methodologies related to the process of co-production, and has applied social science research approaches that help address sustainability and resource management challenges.

Mary Ann received her PhD in Urban Studies from Portland State University, where she was also a Fellow through a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program. She received her B.S. in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of British Columbia and her M.S. in Forest Resources from the University of Washington.

Research Interests

  • Environmental governance and knowledge systems 
  • Co-production of knowledge and actionable science
  • Community-based adaptation and local decision-making
  • Training and capacity building for actionable science

Recent Publications

Denham, D, MA Rozance, E Goodling, and M Malone. 2020. Sustaining future environmental educators: Building critical interdisciplinary teaching capacity among graduate students. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. In press

Rozance, MA, Denham, D, & Kidd, S. 2020. Contesting neoliberal knowledge politics in restoration governance: the restorationist’s dilemma. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 1-15.

Rozance, MA, A Denton, Z Grabowski, and M Matsler. 2019. Examining the scalar knowledge politics of risk within coastal sea level rise adaptation planning knowledge systems. Environmental Science and Policy 99: 105-114.

Chiapella, A*, Grabowski, Z*, Rozance, MA*, Denton, A, Alattar, M, and Granek, E. 2019. Toxic Chemical Governance Failure in the USA: Key Lessons and Paths Forward. BioScience, 69(8): 615-630. *authors contributed equally

Grabowski, Z, A Denton, MA Rozance, S Kidd, and M Matsler. 2017. Removing dams, constructing science: Coproduction of undammed riverscapes by politics, finance, environment, society and technology. Water Alternatives, 10(3): 769-795.

Rozance, MA and S Rabotyagov. 2014. Washington State Small Forest Landowners: Who Intends to Develop their Forestlands and When. Journal of Forestry, 112(6): 572-580.