Robert Norheim , GISP

GIS Analyst Climate Impacts Group
GIS Analyst Fire and Mountain Laboratory, UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Rob’s professional mission is to make CIG’s climate change information come alive in clear cartographic representations and data visualizations.

Areas of Expertise

Geospatial Analysis Cartography Data visualization


Robert Norheim is a GIS Analyst with the UW Climate Impacts Group. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics from Tufts University and a M.A. in Geography from the University of Washington. He has worked at UW since receiving his masters, first for the Fire and Mountain Ecology Lab in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences and the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team at the US Forest Service Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory, and for the last 15 years with the Climate Impacts Group. Rob uses ArcGIS, Python, and Tableau to perform geospatial analysis, cartography, and data visualization in support of CIG’s many projects.

Research Interests

  • Cartographic standards
  • Raster-vector integration
  • Data visualization

Recent Publications

Norheim, R.A., 2012. Cartographic standards and practice in academic journals. In Proceedings, Environmental Systems Research Institute 2012 User Conference, San Diego.

Littell, J.S., E.E. Oneil, D. McKenzie, J.A. Hicke, J. Lutz, R.A. Norheim, and M.M. Elsner, 2010. Forest ecosystems, disturbance, and climatic change in Washington State, USA. Climatic Change 102(1-2):129-158.

McKenzie, Donald, C.L. Raymond, L-K Kellogg, R.A. Norheim, A.G. Andreu, A. Bayard, K. Kopper, and E. Elman. 2007. Mapping fuels at multiple scales: landscape application of the Fuel Characteristic Classification System. Canadian Journal of Forest Resources 37(12):2421-2437.

McKenzie, Don, S. O’Neill, N. Larkin, and R.A. Norheim, 2006. Integrating models to predict regional haze from wildland fire. Ecological Modelling 199(3):278-288.

Norheim, R.A., V.R. Queija, and R.A. Haugerud. 2002. Comparison of LIDAR and INSAR DEMs with dense ground control. In Proceedings, Environmental Systems Research Institute 2002 User Conference, San Diego.

Norheim, R.A., 2001. How institutional cultures affect results: Comparing two old growth forest mapping projects. Cartographica 38(3-4):35-52, special issue on public participation GIS.