New CIG Report: Integrating Climate Resilience in Flood Risk Management

Sea level rise, more extreme rainfall, and melting snowpack. These are just a few of the reasons why we want to be sure to have climate-smart flood risk management across the Northwest—now and in the future.

CIG researcher Guillaume Mauger and recent UW graduate Haley Kennard (now at the Makah Tribe’s Office of Marine Affairs)  recently embarked on a project to understand what is needed to help agencies plan for changing flood risk. Working with the Washington State Silver Jackets team—an interagency group that includes FEMA, the Army Corps, and several state and federal agencies charged with managing flood risk—they developed a work plan for making our state more resilient to flooding.

Based on a series of discussions and interviews, researchers identified key metrics of success for climate-smart flood risk management, highlighting five key areas where efforts should be focused along with insight into some of the barriers to progress.

Selecting from these, the Silver Jackets team identified a number of near-term actions and are already taking them on. The hope is that this work plan will serve as a framework for continued collaboration and progress going forward.

This work will be presented on Tuesday, October 10th at the 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference. You can read the full report here:

Integrating Climate Resilience in Flood Risk Management: A Work plan for the Washington Silver Jackets