College of the Environment Seminar Series on Critical Interdisciplinary Problems

UW students, faculty and staff are invited to attend the inaugural UW College of the Environment Critical Interdisciplinary Problems Seminar Series lecture on March 6th at 4:30 PM in the SAFS Auditorium.

ddThe theme of the inaugural seminar is “West Coast Wildfires: What are the Key Scientific Issues?’. After a year of major wildfires from British Columbia to southern California, with dozens of deaths and damage in the tens of billions of dollars, western wildfires are clearly one of the key environmental issues for the region.  This seminar will explore what we know regarding the origins of the problem and discuss some of the key scientific, technical, and societal issues that must be addressed.

After an introduction by Professor John Marzluff, Chair of the College Council, three panelists will give short (15-minute) presentations:

  • Dr. Susan Prichard, SEFS and USDA Forest Service
  • Professor Cliff Mass, Atmospheric Sciences
  • Professor Brian Harvey,  SEFS

After the panel presentations, there will be time for discussion, followed by a reception at 5:40 PM. To reserve your seat, please register here.