New Chapter for Climate Impacts Group Deputy Director, Joe Casola

After three years at the Climate Impacts Group, Deputy Director, Joe Casola, is leaving to start a new chapter in his life as a full-time dad.

Joe Casola with his son Nolan.

Having worked as a graduate student with the Climate Impacts Group in 2005, Joe was no stranger to our mission when he became Deputy Director in July 2015. With a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington and experiences in the private (ICF International) and non-profit sectors (as Director of Science and Impacts at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions), Joe brought a strong scientific foundation and extensive experience working with public and private sector decision makers on climate adaptation. During his tenure here, he has worked to build on the Climate Impacts Group’s technical strengths while deepening our relationships with partners in academia, across state and federal agencies and within the non-profit sector. A few of his many contributions include coordinating the 2017 Northwest Climate Conference, serving as an author for the Fourth National Climate Assessment and working with Washington State agencies to measure and assess their progress in building climate resilience.

Joe’s diverse experience and perspectives have also been important additions to internal organizational management. As part of our leadership team, he has served as a mentor and champion of our staff, encouraging each team member to seek new opportunities for professional growth. His investments in streamlining internal processes have expanded our functioning and capacity as an organization.

We extend our gratitude to Joe for his dedication and contributions to the Climate Impacts Group and wider Pacific Northwest community. Joe’s last day in the office is Monday, July 9th.

Joe’s project responsibilities have been distributed across our team: