New Chapter for Climate Impacts Group Research Scientist Se-Yeun Lee

After more than five years as a Research Scientist with the Climate Impacts Group, Se-Yeun Lee is leaving to start a new chapter as a full-time instructor at Seattle University.

During her time at Climate Impacts Group, Se-Yeun has been involved in interdisciplinary research focusing on understanding and modeling the complex interactions between climate, hydrology and natural resource management. With a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington, research interests in climate change impacts on hydrology, and a drive to work directly with managers and decision-makers, Se-Yeun’s work has greatly contributed to our mission of advancing understanding of climate risks and building regional climate resilience.  A few of Se-Yeun’s many accomplishments include incorporating stream temperature variability to evaluate the consequences for coldwater fishes; developing models for research on the climate vulnerability assessment for meadows and wetlands; and using new global and regional climate model simulations to quantify changes in flood risk and low flows in PNW rivers.

We extend our gratitude to Se-Yeunfor her contributions to our organization and the broader community. Please join us in wishing Se-Yeun the best in her next endeavors!