Panel Event: Communicating Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest – May 20th

Join us on May 20th at 6PM for a panel conversation with regional journalists and CIG’s Lead Scientist for Science Communication, Heidi Roop. This event is sponsored by the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement and the Department of Communication.

Sea level rise, warming temperatures, and record-breaking wildfires are among the most obvious threats climate change presents to the Pacific Northwest. How we meet these threats will have a profound impact on the future of the region.

Communication around these issues poses a unique set of challenges: journalism business models continue to struggle, while public trust in news institutions has dipped significantly, and well-funded climate change denial campaigns still muddy debate. Additionally, research has delivered no clear and actionable direction on what types of information and forms of reporting about the environment work best at educating and spurring the public to action.

This panel brings together some of Seattle’s leading climate communicators to discuss the challenges and successes they’ve experienced, relating information and constructing narratives about the environment and climate justice in ways that encourage rather than preclude public engagement. Join us for a conversation to learn more about the most important environmental issues of the day and how they can be more effectively communicated.


Moderator: Adrienne Russell (University of Washington)