Victoria Pinheiro , M.S.

Administrative Specialist Climate Impacts Group
Administrative Specialist EarthLab

Areas of Expertise

Logistics Management Event Coordination Graphic Design


Tori’s major interests include communications, graphic design, event coordination and natural science. She is a graduate student in the UW Communications in Digital Media program and has a M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont (UVM) and a B.S. in Marine Science from Boston University. In the past, Tori served as an outreach coordinator and research technician at the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory at UVM, a research technician at the School of Marine Science and Technology at UMass Dartmouth and a deckhand on research and sailing school vessels in the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas. In her current role, Tori coordinates meetings, schedules and the inner-workings of CIG and EarthLab. She also actively helps with CIG’s communications efforts.