Developing multiple indicators and triggers for drought plans


Steinemann, A.C., Cavalcanti, L.F.N.  2006. Developing multiple indicators and triggers for drought plans. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 132(3):164-174.


Drought plans depend on indicators and triggers to characterize drought conditions and guide drought responses. Yet indicators and triggers often suffer from deficiencies, such as temporal and spatial inconsistency, statistical incomparability, and operational indeterminacy. Further, even though indicators and triggers are vital to drought hazard reduction, they are often selected and used arbitrarily, undermining the potential value of drought plans. Addressing these concerns, this paper provides a process and analytic methods for the development, analysis, and evaluation of indicators and triggers. In addition, this paper details their application to Georgia’s first state drought plan. Results are transferable to other drought plans, offering scientific justification, operational relevancy, and guidance for drought mitigation and response.