Ecophysiological parameters for Pacific Northwest trees


Hessl, A.E., Milesi, C, Peterson, D.L., White, M., Keane, R.E. 2004. Ecophysiological parameters for Pacific Northwest trees. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-618, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, Oregon.


We developed a species- and location-specific database of published ecophysiological variables typically used as input parameters for biogeochemical models of coniferous and deciduous forested ecosystems in the Western United States. Parameters are based on the requirements of Biome-BGC, a widely used biogeochemical model that was originally parameterized for the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Several other ecosystem models, including Century 5, Daycent, TEM, and PnET, also use some of the inputs described here. This database provides a compendium of ecophysiological data for the Pacific Northwest that will provide easily accessible information for particular tree species, parameters, and ecosystems for application to simulation modeling.