Uncertain Future: Climate Change and Its Effects on Puget Sound


Snover, A.K., Mote, P.W., Whitely Binder, L.C., Hamlet, A.F., Mantua, N.J. 2005. Uncertain Future: Climate Change and Its Effects on Puget Sound. Climate Impacts Group, Center for Science in the Earth System, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans, University of Washington.


This report, commissioned by the Puget Sound Action Team, combines an examination of current scientific literature and new research to provide an overview of projected climate change impacts on Puget Sound. The report focuses on the consequences of a warmer climate on the larger Puget Sound ecosystem, including impacts on regional temperature and precipitation, snowpack, streamflow, water quality, and marine ecosystem structure and function. Implications for ecosystem management are also highlighted. (37 pages)

This report is based on the “Foundation Document”, which contains additional technical information. The Foundation Document is available here.

An errata notice for this report, posted 2.13.07, is available here as a separate document and has been added to the Overview report.