Yakama Nation Adaptation Plan

Full Title

Developing an Adaptive Response to Climate Change – Yakama Nation

Project Overview

Climate change is expected to have potentially significant impacts on the natural resources important to the Yakama Nation for cultural, traditional, and economic purposes. Cascadia Consulting and the Climate Impacts Group are partnering with Yakama Nation Tribal staff to support the Yakama Nation’s development of a climate adaptation plan that will guide near term decisions and outreach as well as long-term strategic planning related to climate adaptation.

Key Personnel

* Indicates CIG Personnel or CIG Affiliate(s)

  • Nora Ferm (Principal Investigator), Cascadia Consulting
  • Lara Whitely Binder,¬†University of Washington*
  • Kathy Lynn, University of Oregon

Key Collaborators

Yakama Nation


Yakama Nation

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