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Effect of Climate Change on the Hydrology of the Chehalis Basin

Recent flooding in the Chehalis basin has led managers, residents, and others to begin evaluating options for managing flood risk in the future. Climate change is expected to both increase the risk of flooding and result in decreased summer low flows – with implications for human communities and ecosystems alike. This page summarizes the results of a study aimed at…

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Global Climate Model Projections for the PNW

This dataset is a summary of the projected changes in average annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation from global climate model projections (GCMs) of 21st century climate change for the Pacific Northwest region. Data are derived from the two most recent Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects, Phase 3 (CMIP3¹, used in the 2007 IPCC report) and Phase 5 (CMIP5², used in…

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North Pacific Region Hydroclimate Scenarios

A set of statistically downscaled climate and hydrologic projections for all watersheds draining into the North Pacific, from Southern California, through the Bering Strait, to Japan. Projections are implemented at daily temporal resolution and a spatial resolution of 0.5 degree (~55 km2). The projections stem from the CMIP3 global model archive, and are based on six global models, two statistical…

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Washington State Water Temperature Projections

This database includes weekly water temperatures under historical and future conditions for 124 stream temperature sites across Washington State. Projected changes in stream temperature are based on regression parameters estimated for each site that establishes a correlation between observed air and water temperature. Water temperatures were projected using the input from 10 climate models, under two emissions scenarios (A1B and…

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Western U.S. Hydroclimate Scenarios Project

A selected set of statistically downscaled climate and hydrologic projections for the Western US, from the Pacific coast to about 103°W, implemented at a daily temporal resolution and a spatial resolution of 1/16th degree (~30 km2). The selected set of projections, derived from the CMIP3 global model archive for the A1B scenario, include an average of the 10 best global…

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