Director’s Corner: Celebrating 25 Years of Building Climate Resilience

This year, the Climate Impacts Group marks 25 years of building climate resilience through rigorous science and innovative, cross-sector partnerships. We are excited to spend the academic year celebrating efforts across the Northwest to prepare for the effects of climate change. We invite our partners, fellow scientists, supporters of our work and members of the public to join us.

Over the next six months, we will host three virtual lectures related to climate resilience.

Our first event, scheduled for Thursday, December 3, features Climate Impacts Group scientists and partners in discussion about efforts across the state of Washington to prepare for rising sea levels and shifting ecosystems.

Learn more and register for this lecture.

Our anniversary lecture series continues on January 27 and March 30. To learn more about these events and our 25th anniversary, visit our 25th anniversary webpage.

It has been a difficult year for many people; across our region, the nation and the world, we are grappling with overlapping crises – all urgent and critical. At one point in planning this series of events, we considered putting our celebrations on hold to focus on other issues. But even in the midst of other challenges, climate change remains a relevant and urgent issue for communities in the Northwest and beyond. And since climate change will not slow down in the face of other crises – neither will we.

To cope with the uncertainty and difficulty of the present, many of my friends and colleagues have turned to gratitude as an anchor. Reflecting on 25 years of the Climate Impacts Group, I am grateful to live in a state and region with a legacy of respecting scientists and looking to science for guidance. I am grateful for our partners in government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector who take our science and put it to good use. I am grateful for the people who support our work, and make what we do possible.

And I am grateful for the opportunity to gather all of these people, safely and virtually, to celebrate our 25th year. Together we will reflect, inspire and plan for the future — after all, there is so much work left to do and no time to waste.


Dr. Amy Snover