The Climate Impacts Group provides a range of technical resources that can be used to help address climate impacts.

Resources provided by the Climate Impacts Group include:

  • Datasets: The Climate Impacts Group produces hydro-climatic data at various spatial scales for historical and projected conditions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. These data are available free of charge for use in research and planning. We also utilize other datasets produced at regional, national, and international institutions in our work, and have included many of those here.
  • Analysis Tools: Analysis tools produced by the Climate Impacts Group are designed to help users visualize and interpret climate data.
  • Publications: With more than 700 publications on climate variability and change, climate impacts, and adaptation, the Climate Impacts Group publications library serves as a comprehensive resource for those interested in learning more about specific issues.
  • Special Reports: The Climate Impacts Group regularly produces or contributes to special reports on regional climate impacts and adaptation. This includes our “State of Knowledge” syntheses, guidebooks, and other unique resources relevant to a wide range of users.

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