Partnering with Us

Robust partnerships have been central to the Climate Impacts Group’s work since our creation in 1995.

The Climate Impacts Group works directly with public sector agencies, tribal agencies, the private sector, non-profit groups, and other academic institutions to produce the knowledge, tools, and capacity that decision makers need to reduce climate risks. These partnerships, which range from informal collaborations to multi-year collaborative research projects, help ensure that our work is both useful to and used by the decision makers. Through this work, we help resource managers and policy makers:

  • Understand how a changing climate challenges their objectives and responsibilities, and
  • Build organizational capacity for accessing, interpreting and applying climate science and information.

“Working with the UW Climate Impacts Group, we can adjust our expectations and make scientifically sound and economically sensible choices that will realign our infrastructure, our economy, and our management of natural resources with a changing climate”

— Jay Manning, Director of the Washington Department of Ecology (2005 to 2009) and Chief of Staff for Washington Governor Christine Gregoire (2009-2011)


Our network of researchers and technical experts enables us to support a broad spectrum of decision-support needs with expertise in the natural and social sciences, risk management, and science communication. Capabilities include:

  • Identifying emerging climate impacts, risks, and vulnerabilities,
  • Downscaling global climate model projections,
  • Modeling changes in hydrology at a range of scales,
  • Assessing climate impacts on water resources, the built environment, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems,
  • Providing technical guidance on the integration of climate science and climate risk management actions into policies and guidelines,
  • Developing and evaluating climate risk management alternatives, and
  • Facilitating climate risk management planning and outreach.

See Our Work for more information about current projects. .

Partnering with the Climate Impacts Group

We welcome new partnerships and opportunities to support climate resilience. If you are interested in partnering with the Climate Impacts Group, contact us at 206-616-5350 or via email.

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