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Heavy Precipitation Projections for use in Stormwater Planning

The purpose of this tool is to visualize projected changes in heavy rainfall events across the Pacific Northwest. This tool provides extreme precipitation projections as a function of decade, duration, and return interval (frequency). You can customize the tool to select various precipitation frequencies and durations to ensure the data shown in the tool is relevant to your specific needs. The tool lets you download graphics for later use and you can also download the data for each grid cell in an excel-readable format.


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Sea Level Rise in Washington State
Future projections of sea level change across coastal Washington

These Tableau data visualizations were developed to increase the usability and accessibility of the relative sea level rise projections (RSLR) in Sea Level Rise In Washington State – A 2018 Assessment (Miller et al., 2018). This assessment provides updated absolute and relative sea level rise (RSLR) projections out to the year 2150 for 171 distinct locations along the Washington coast. These projections are probabilistic, meaning they describe a full range of likelihoods of future sea level changes for a given greenhouse gas scenario over time. These data visualizations allow users to view 1) how much sea level rise could occur at different points in time, and 2) the likelihood of a certain amount of sea level rise at a given point in time.

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Tribal Climate Tool
Future climate projections for Pacific Northwest and Great Basin Tribes

This tool is designed to help tribes in the Pacific Northwest and Great Basin, U.S.A, understand how the climate is expected to change in places that they care about. It provides maps, graphs, tables and descriptions of projected changes.

The areas of interest (e.g., ceded areas, watersheds) included in this tool reflect results of engagement with Northwest and Great Basin tribes, as well as tribally-relevant areas in the public domain (e.g., reservations). If there is an area of interest for your tribe that you would like removed, revised or added to the tool, please contact Meade Krosby.

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Climate Robust Culvert Design
Probabilistic estimates of Fish Passage Impediments

For many Pacific Northwest rivers and streams, climate change is projected to result in higher peak flows. Recent work by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has estimated the width that culverts need to be to accommodate anticipated changes in streamflow. This culvert design tool is aims to help engineers, managers, regulators and other interested parties explore the impacts of climate change on culvert design and fish passage. You can also learn more about this project on the Climate Robust Culvert Design project page. Please contact Guillaume Mauger with questions.

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Tableau Northwest Climate Trends Tool
What are the trends in temperature, precipitation and snow water equivalent in Northwest?

This tool allows users to visualize monthly, seasonal or annual trends in maximum, average or minimum temperature, total precipitation and first of the month snow water equivalent for stations across the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, and western MT). The tool was developed in collaboration with the Office of the Washington State Climatologist.

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Pacific Northwest Climate Projection Tool

Average projected changes in temperature and precipitation in the PNW and the globe

The Pacific Northwest Climate Projection tool shows the projected change in average annual temperature and average annual precipitation for the Pacific Northwest and the globe. Users can look at projections for a range of and across all four seasons, as well as annually.


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Tableau Climate Projection Tool
How is climate projected to change in the Northwest?

This tool allows users to graphically visualize projected changes in temperature and precipitation for two future time periods in three regions in the Pacific Northwest.


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Tableau Precipitation Projection Tool
How will heavy rains change in western Washington?

The visualization allows users to browse changes in precipitation for two new regional climate model simulations, described on this page shows projected changes in precipitation for two future time periods in three regions in the Pacific Northwest.


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Seattle City Light Historical Climate Trends

What changes have we seen so far in the Northwest?

This tool shows projected changes in temperature, precipitation, snow, and streamflow for a selection of sites and metrics that are of interest to Seattle City Light.


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The Washington-British Columbia Transboundary Climate-Connectivity Project

How will climate change impact wildlife habitat connectivity in the Washington-British Columbia transboundary region?

This gallery includes data gathered or created as part of this project, as well as accompanying reports describing key findings for 13 case studies (including 11 species, a vegetation system, and a region).

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Changing Streamflow in Icicle, Peshastin, and Mission Creeks

As part of the Icicle Work Group, a diverse set of stakeholders has been working to identify collaborative solutions to water management in Icicle Creek. Given the large changes in climate and hydrology anticipated in the coming decades, such plans will need to account for the effects of climate change if they are going to be robust. This visualization tool shows the projected changes in streamflow for each calendar month as well as for the daily extremes.


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