The Next Twenty-Five Years: Building a Climate-Resilient Future

We are excited to present the video recording of our third and final virtual lecture in our 25th anniversary series – The Next 25 Years: Building a Climate-Resilient Future. 

This event highlighted Climate Impacts Group scientists and staff sharing their vision for the future. We aimed to inspire, ignite and unite our scientists, partners and community members in working toward a climate-resilient future. 


This packed event featured:

A conversation between…

Dr. Amy Snover, director, Climate Impacts Group

Chip Giller, founder, Grist

Presentations by Climate Impacts Group scientists…

Andrew Shirk, research scientist

Dr. Crystal Raymond, climate adaptation specialist

Erica Asinas, research scientist

                                 Meade stands in front of water and mountains wearing a blue hat and jacket

Dr. Guillaume Mauger, research scientist          Dr. Meade Krosby, senior scientist

… and YOUR questions, concerns and ideas!