Jason Vogel , Ph.D.

Deputy Director Climate Impacts Group

Jason’s professional mission is to make a difference in the lives of people and the planet. He brings a problem-oriented, contextual, and multi-method approach to global climate change and adaptation.

Areas of Expertise

Policy sciences Vulnerability assessment Adaptation planning International development Stakeholder engagement


Jason Vogel is the Deputy Director of the UW Climate Impacts Group (CIG). Before joining the CIG, Dr. Vogel worked as a consultant for twelve years at Stratus Consulting and Abt Associates helping local, state, federal, and international clients address climate change impacts and adaptation. Dr. Vogel’s passion is ensuring that the physical and social sciences are useful for solving society’s problems. This leads him to engage closely with communities and decision makers as well as scientists and engineers. Dr. Vogel received a B.S in Chemistry and a B.A. in Humanities from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences as well as a PhD in Public Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Research Interests

  • Community-based adaptation and local decision making
  • Coproduction of knowledge and actionable science
  • Consultative approaches to vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning that build individual and institutional capacity

Select Current Projects

  • Power Sector vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Action Plan for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Funder: USAID)
  • Developing a New Environmental Code for Climate Change Adaptation in Kazakhstan (Funder: USAID)
  • Adaptation Decision Making and Historical Climate Indicators (Funder: U.S. EPA)
  • Community-Based Adaptation in the United States: A Critical Assessment (Client: The Kresge Foundation)

Recent Publications

Vogel J., D. Letson, and C. Herrick. 2017. A Framework for Climate Services Evaluation and its Application to the Caribbean Agrometeorological Initiative. Climate Services. 6: 65-76. doi: 10.1016/j.cliser.2017.07.003.  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405880716300565.

Vogel, J., E. McNie, and D. Behar. 2016. Co-producing actionable science for water utilities. Climate Services. 2-3:30-40. doi: 10.1016/j.cliser.2016.06.003. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405880716300073

Vogel, J., C. Herrick, and H. Hosterman. 2017. Climate change adaptation: An assessment of accomplishments at the community level. In J.F. Springer, P. Haas, and A. Porowski (eds). Applied Policy Research: Concepts and Cases, 2nd ed. New York: Routledge

Vogel, J., D.N. Cherney, and E.A. Lowham. 2017. The policy sciences as a transdisciplinary approach for policy studies. In R. Frodeman, J.T. Klein, and R.C.S. Pacheco (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity, Second Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. January. DOI 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198733522.013.29

Vogel, J., K.M. Carney, J.B. Smith, C. Herrick, M. Stults, M. O’Grady, A. St. Juliana, H. Hosterman, and L. Giangola. 2016. Climate Adaptation: The State of Practice in U.S. Communities. The Kresge Foundation. November. http://kresge.org/climate-adaptation.