Meade Krosby , Ph.D.

Senior Scientist Climate Impacts Group
University Deputy Director Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Meade's professional mission is to support governments and communities in equitably and effectively conserving biodiversity in a changing world.

Areas of Expertise

Conservation Biology Vulnerability Assessment Adaptation Planning


Meade Krosby is a Senior Scientist with the UW Climate Impacts Group. She is also the University Deputy Director of the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. Dr. Krosby works closely with land and wildlife managers, policy makers and communities to collaboratively understand and address climate impacts on species and ecosystems. Her current work includes vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning; large landscape conservation planning for climate resilience; and efforts to build climate adaptation capacity and communities of practice. Dr. Krosby received a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington.

Research Interests

Meade works with land and wildlife managers, policy makers and communities to incorporate climate change into natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. Her primary research and outreach interests include:

  • Climate change impacts assessment and adaptation planning for species and ecosystems
  • Large landscape conservation planning for climate resilience
  • Building climate adaptation capacity and communities of practice

Recent Publications

Rozance, M.A., Krosby, M., Meadow, A.M., Snover, A., Ferguson, D.B., and G. Owen. 2020. Building capacity for societally engaged climate science by transforming science training. Environmental Research Letters.

Littlefield, C. E., Krosby, M., Michalak, J. L., and J.J. Lawler. 2019. Connectivity for species on the move: supporting climate‐driven range shiftsFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment 17: 270-278.

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Krosby, M., Wilsey, C., Duggan, J., Heinrichs, J., McGuire, J., Nogeire, T., Lawler, J., and J. Tewksbury. 2015. Climate-induced range overlap among closely related species. Nature Climate Change 5:883–886. doi:10.1038/nclimate2699