Meade Krosby , Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist Climate Impacts Group
University Deputy Director Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Meade's professional mission is to promote effective biodiversity conservation under climate change by collaboratively conducting innovative, rigorous and useful assessments of climate impacts and adaptation responses for species and ecosystems.

Areas of Expertise

Conservation Biology Vulnerability Assessment Adaptation Planning


Meade Krosby is a climate change biologist and conservation scientist with the UW Climate Impacts Group. She is also the University Deputy Director of the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (formerly Northwest Climate Science Center). Dr. Krosby works closely with land and wildlife managers to assess climate change impacts and develop adaptation responses for species and ecosystems, with special focus on transboundary conservation, habitat connectivity planning and collaboration with tribes and First Nations. Dr. Krosby received a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington.

Research Interests

Meade works with land and wildlife managers and policy makers to incorporate climate change into conservation planning. Her primary research and outreach interests include:

  • Climate change impacts assessment and adaptation planning for species and ecosystems
  • Spatial conservation planning, particularly connectivity conservation and conservation priorities under climate change
  • Species ranges, species boundaries, and hybrid zones, and how they interact with climate

Recent Publications

Krosby, M., Michalak, J., Robbins, T.O., Morgan, H., Norheim, R., Mauger, G., and T. Murdock. 2016. The Washington-British Columbia Transboundary Climate-Connectivity Project: Identifying climate impacts and adaptation actions for wildlife habitat connectivity in the transboundary region of Washington and British Columbia. Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington.

Krosby, M., Morgan, H., Case, M., Whitely Binder, L. 2016. Stillaguamish Tribe natural resources climate change vulnerability assessment. Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington.

Krosby, M., Wilsey, C., Duggan, J., Heinrichs, J., McGuire, J., Nogeire, T., Lawler, J., and J. Tewksbury. 2015. Climate-induced range overlap among closely related species. Nature Climate Change 5:883–886. doi:10.1038/nclimate2699

Mauger, G.S., Casola, J.H., Morgan, H.A., Strauch, R.L., Jones, B., Curry, B., BuschIsaksen, T.M., Whitely Binder, L., Krosby, M., and A.K. Snover, 2015. State of knowledge: Climate change in Puget Sound. Report prepared for the Puget Sound Partnership and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle. doi:10.7915/CIG93777D

Krosby, M., Breckheimer, I., Cosentino, B., Gaines, B., Hall, S., Halupka, K., Long, R., McRae, B., Pierce, J., Schuett-Hames, J., and P. Singleton. 2015. Focal species and landscape “naturalness” corridor models offer complementary approaches for connectivity conservation planning. Landscape Ecology 30:2121–2132.