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How Native Tribes Are Taking the Lead on Planning for Climate Change

Dr. Meade Krosby, senior scientist, is quoted in this Yale Environment 360 article on tribal leadership in adapting to climate change. “One of the things that comes across really clearly is the fact that indigenous peoples are by far the most effective stewards of biodiversity,” Meade says. “They do the best job.” 

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Getting Schooled: Most teachers don’t talk about climate change in the classroom. Washington state is trying to fix that

ClimeTime, Washington State’s effort to train K-12 teachers to teach climate change in their classroom, is discussed. The Climate Impacts Group’s involvement is mentioned. 

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UW summarizes Washington climate impact on water

CIG’s 2020 report on how climate change is affecting oceans and frozen regions across the globe and in Washington state is referenced. 

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The future could look a lot like this year’s flood season

CIG Director Amy Snover is quoted in this article on recent flooding along the Snoqualmie River. “There will be no normal until we stop increasing greenhouse gas emissions, until we stop increasing the problem, Amy says. “These changes aren’t just removed, happening to some other part of the world.” CIG’s 2020 report on how climate change is affecting Earth’s oceans and frozen regions is referenced. 

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New report describes anticipated climate-change effects in WA State

CIG Director Amy Snover was interviewed for this blog post summarizing CIG’s recent Snowlines and Shorelines report. “That’s the happy secret of climate change,” Amy says. “There is more happening than most people know. That being said, it isn’t really enough. It’s just the beginning, and a lot more needs to be done.” 

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Is it weather or climate?

A 2018 report on sea level rise in Washington state is referenced. The report was produced by the Washington Coastal Resilience Project, which includes the Climate Impacts Group, Washington Sea Grant, and others. 

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CIG releases report on effects of human activity on the ocean and cryosphere

Drawing on recent data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as research from the Climate Impacts Group, this brief provides an overview of the importance of the ocean and the cryosphere (Earth’s frozen regions), how they are being affected by human activity and what we stand to lose if we don’t act now. 

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How indigenous communities are working to protect the climate

The Climate Impacts Group’s Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources and Tool were featured in this recent Yale Climate Connections article. 

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CIG Director to Speak at Statewide Disaster Resiliency Work Group Meeting – Sept. 5th at 12PM

Dr. Amy Snover will be discussing the climate risks facing Washington state at the Statewide Disaster Resiliency Work Group Meeting on September 5th. This meeting is open to the public and hosted by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Topics will include climate risks and natural disasters, flooding, drought and wildfire and the meeting will also include a discussion of climate resilience work happening across the state.

When: 12:00-3:00 PM, September 5th, 2019

Location: Capitol Event Center, 6005 Tyee Dr SW, Tumwater, WA. 98512

Meeting Agenda

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