Guidelines for Mapping Sea Level Rise Inundation for Washington State


Norheim, R.A., G.S. Mauger, I.M. Miller, 2018. Guidelines for Mapping Sea Level Rise. Report prepared for the EPA National Estuary Program (NEP). Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle.


This document provides guidelines for mapping sea level rise inundation throughout Washington State. These guidelines are primarily directed towards staff members with a GIS background who may be asked to prepare maps showing the extent of relative sea level rise inundation. Although these guidelines could be used to map sea level rise inundation for any available projections the focus is on the new localized projections developed as part of the Washington Coastal Resilience Project. The Washington Coastal Resilience Project is a three-year effort to rapidly increase the state’s capacity to prepare for natural events that threaten the coast. The project will improve risk projections, provide better guidelines for land use planners and strengthen capital investment programs for coastal restoration and infrastructure. The new projections are described in an accompanying technical report, along with a review of the science related to sea level rise (Miller et al., 2018). The report and all associated data are provided on the Washington Coastal Hazards Resilience Network website (