Riparian Climate-Corridors: Analysis Extension, Improvements, and Validation


Krosby, M., R. Norheim, and D. M. Theobald. 2015. Riparian Climate-Corridors: Analysis Extension, Improvements, and Validation. Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle.


This report is an addendum to Climate-Gradient Corridors: Identifying Priority Areas for Climate Adaptation (Krosby et al. 2014), which identified potential riparian areas that span large temperature gradients, have high levels of canopy cover, are relatively wide, have low solar insolation, and low levels of human modification – characteristics expected to enhance their ability to facilitate climate-driven range shifts and provide micro-climatic refugia from warming. This report describes several updates to Krosby et al. (2014), including its extension into Western Montana, several improvements to the analysis, and results of model validation.
Detailed background information on the rationale and methods for this approach to identifying riparian climate-corridors can be found in Krosby et al. (2014).