Understanding Recent Warming in Washington State

Wondering about the new analysis that finds average temperatures in Washington have warmed more slowly than any other state in the country? Want to know why? Kim Malcolm of KUOW talked with CIG’s Joe Casola and the Seattle Times interviewed Washington State Climatologist, Nick Bond, to learn more about the role of the Pacific Ocean and why timescales matter when considering climate trends. Listen to and read their insights here:

  • CIG’s Deputy Director, Joe Casola, on KUOW.
  • WA State Climatologist, Nick Bond, in the Seattle Times.

“Bond said he’s not surprised to hear that Washington’s climate hasn’t warmed quite as much as other states in the past 3o years. Climate models show that along the Pacific Coast, there’s a somewhat slower warming trend…That’s because of the moderating influence of the ocean…The oceans are absorbing most of the heat…but the heat capacity of the ocean is so large, it still hasn’t warmed up as much as land areas. Bond says the trend is probably going to continue, with a more muted warming along the West Coast compared with the inland areas of the country. Those trends are inexorable, the climate is changing.”

Nick Bond in the Seattle Times, 2018

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