New Projections of Changing Heavy Precipitation for the City of Everett


Mauger, G.S., J.S. Won, K. Hegewisch, C. Lynch, 2017. New Projections of Changing Heavy Preicpitation for the City of Everett. Report prepared for the City of Everett. Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle.


The purpose of this project was to use new regional climate model simulations to develop stormwater-relevant projections that are specific to the City of Everett. The specific objectives of this work were to 1) Produce hourly time series estimates of precipitation intensity for two regional model simulations for specific locations of interest to city staff, 2) Develop estimates of the change in the intensity, duration, and frequency of heavy rain events for the City of Everett, and 3) Create a set of summary products documenting the methodology and results. This report describes the methods and products developed as part of the study, along with a brief description of the results.