Sea Level Rise Considerations for Nearshore Restoration Projects in Puget Sound


Raymond, C., Conway-Cranos, L., Morgan, H., Faghin, N., Spilsbury Pucci, D., Krienitz, J., Miller,I., Grossman, E. and Mauger, G., 2018. Sea level rise considerations for nearshore restoration projects in Puget Sound. A report prepared for the Washington Coastal Resilience Project.


This document was developed in partnership with the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, Washington Sea Grant, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP). The ESRP funds nearshore restoration in the Puget Sound region. The geographic scope of this document is consistent with the geographic scope of the ESRP program.

The content and structure of this document were informed by two workshops led by Washington Sea Grant. These workshops convened restoration professionals and scientists in Puget Sound to identify key questions faced by the restoration community regarding SLR and restoration, as well as resources that could help address these questions.

This document provides information to evaluate the extent to which nearshore restoration projects are likely to be resilient to the impacts of sea level rise. The intended purpose is to assist restoration practitioners with identifying sea level rise impacts relevant for specific restoration actions. Restoration projects can also improve resilience for surrounding coastal communities if conditions adjacent to a site are incorporated into restoration planning and design.