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Harriet Morgan discusses new sea level rise report on KNKX

A new report from Washington’s “Coastal Resilience Project” provides new projections of sea level rise for 171 different sites and communities around coastal Washington state. 

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Crystal Raymond on King 5 discussing innovative climate & forestry initiative

Crystal Raymond was featured on King 5 as part of an innovative climate and forest resilience project underway in King County. This project, which was part of her previous position at Seattle City Light, is a collaborative effort with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Seattle Public Utilities, the Wildlife Conversation Society and the Northwest Natural Resource Group.


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Guillaume Mauger featured by King5 discussing sea level rise, storm events and future climate

“Rising seas will threaten more than 7,000 Washington homes by 2045, according to a new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Accelerating melt from the Antarctic ice sheet is predicted to cause more frequent and more powerful storms to hammer coastal communities, amounting to potentially billions of dollars of damage over the next several decades.” CIG’s Guillaume Mauger talks climate impacts, the frequency of coastal storms and the influence of the Antarctic ice sheet on sea level rise in WA state with King5’s Giuliana Viglione.

“The difference between the 100-year storm and the ten or two-year storm is pretty minor,” says Guillaume Mauger, a research scientist at the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group. 

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Ready Or Not: UW Scientist Says Assumptions About Climate Could Impact Local Infrastructure

Amy Snover was interviewed on Rhode Island Public Radio about climate impacts, infrastructure and the need to prepare for the future in a climate-smart way. 

Listen to Amy Snover on Rhode Island Public Radio

Understanding Recent Warming in Washington State

Wondering about the new analysis that finds average temperatures in Washington have warmed more slowly than any other state in the country? Want to know why? Kim Malcolm of KUOW talked with CIG’s Joe Casola and the Seattle Times interviewed Washington State Climatologist, Nick Bond, to learn more about the role of the Pacific Ocean and why timescales matter when considering climate trends. Listen to and read their insights here:

CIG’s Deputy Director, Joe Casola, on KUOW.
WA State Climatologist, Nick Bond, in the Seattle Times.

“Bond said he’s not surprised to hear that Washington’s climate hasn’t warmed quite as much as other states in the past 3o years. 

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