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Sea-Tac just had its hottest recorded decade… ever

CIG Director Amy Snover is quoted in this article discussing warming temperatures at Sea-Tac airport and what they indicate about warming globally. 

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CIG Senior Scientist Meade Krosby on carbon footprint and discussing climate change

This story from KUOW centered on hosting a low carbon footprint dinner party. Meade Krosby, senior scientist for the Climate Impacts Group, adds that “the most important thing you can do at a dinner party is to talk about climate change… When you do talk to others about climate change, lead with your heart.” 

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Amy Snover featured on podcast about climate change in the Northwest

Amy Snover, director of the Climate Impacts Group, is featured on a recent podcast from the University of Washington Tacoma about climate change in the Pacific Northwest. Amy covers local climate change impacts in the Northwest, climate adaptation and resiliency, and more. 

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Meade Krosby recognized with Wilburforce Conservation Award

Meade Krosby, senior scientist at the Climate Impacts Group, has received this year’s Wilburforce Conservation Leadership Award! This award recognizes Meade for her work advancing biodiversity conservation under climate change.

“All of us at the Climate Impacts Group are thrilled to see the Wilburforce Foundation recognize our very own Meade Krosby as the positive force that she is,” Director Amy Snover says. “Meade is a true Conservation Leader!”

Check out Wilburforce’s announcement to learn more about Meade and the Conservation Award. 

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Here’s where Whatcom County will see the impacts of rising sea levels

CIG’s 2018 report on sea level rise in Washington state is referenced in this article on Whatcom County’s efforts to address rising sea levels. 

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CIG Director Amy Snover featured on Crosscut podcast

Climate Impacts Group Director Amy Snover spoke alongside Michael Chang, climate adaptation specialist, on climate adaptation measures, involving youth in combatting climate change, and more.  

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Meade Krosby speaks at King County panel on climate change

Meade Krosby, senior scientist for the Climate Impacts Group, spoke about climate change in the Pacific Northwest as part of a panel organized by King County. “It’s real. It’s bad. It’s us. And there’s a lot we can do about it (but we need to act fast,” Meade says. View the full panel on KingCountyTV

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Seattle can prepare for climate change — if it can escape bureaucratic silos

Amy Snover was quoted in a recent Op-Ed by Knute Berger about issues facing Seattle’s infrastructure design and management. 

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When it comes to the environmental cost of flights “we need to figure out how to turn that shame into action”: The battle between convenience and conservation

“While climate activists try to save the planet, they’re also trying to figure out the cleanest, greenest way to navigate the globe — and it’s far more complicated than just booking a flight online. Recent research, coupled with a media frenzy over flying, has brought the battle between convenience and conservation to a head. It’s not a new problem, but if the past few weeks are any indication, neither flying nor its corresponding shame are going anywhere anytime soon.” CIG’s Heidi Roop weighs in on the impacts of flying and how we can contribute to systems-scale change. 

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How indigenous communities are working to protect the climate

The Climate Impacts Group’s Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources and Tool were featured in this recent Yale Climate Connections article. 

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