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When it comes to the environmental cost of flights “we need to figure out how to turn that shame into action”: The battle between convenience and conservation

“While climate activists try to save the planet, they’re also trying to figure out the cleanest, greenest way to navigate the globe — and it’s far more complicated than just booking a flight online. Recent research, coupled with a media frenzy over flying, has brought the battle between convenience and conservation to a head. It’s not a new problem, but if the past few weeks are any indication, neither flying nor its corresponding shame are going anywhere anytime soon.” CIG’s Heidi Roop weighs in on the impacts of flying and how we can contribute to systems-scale change. 

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How indigenous communities are working to protect the climate

The Climate Impacts Group’s Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources and Tool were featured in this recent Yale Climate Connections article. 

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Heat blob, warming Pacific Ocean strain commercial seafood industry

Dr. Amy Snover connected with MSNBC to talk about how our oceans are responding to a changing climate. This story as part of the Covering Climate Now initiative. 

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Short winters, wildfires, altered landscapes: How climate change will impact outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest

How is climate change connected to outdoor recreation? This Seattle Times piece features a range of Climate Impacts Group science and includes insights from Dr. Amy Snover about what the future holds for many of our wild and green spaces across the Pacific Northwest. This story as part of the Covering Climate Now initiative. 

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How can I teach my students about climate change?

Dr. Heidi Roop provided her insights for Grist’s AskUmbra column on effective tools and strategies for teaching about climate change. 

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Science behind Western Washington wildfires and how climate change may play a role

CIG’s Crystal Raymond is featured in this new KING5 story about work underway to better understand the connection between climate change and the risk of wildfire in Western Washington. 

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New video about the Washington’s ClimeTime initiative features CIG scientist

CIG’s Lead Scientist for Science Communication, Heidi Roop, was featured in a new video about Washington State’s ClimeTime effort which aims to bring climate science to every K-12 classroom in Washington state. CIG partnered with the non-profit, Washington Green Schools, to deliver STEM seminars to over 250 teachers between August 2018 and June 2019. Each seminar explored different climate impacts, worked with teachers to help them understand and interpret regionally-relevant climate data and emphasized how schools and students can engage in meaningful climate solutions. With continued funding from Washington State, the effort will continue over the next two years.


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Teaching the teachers how to teach kids about climate science

CIG’s Heidi Roop was featured in the Seattle Times for her work sharing regional climate science with classrooms across Washington state as part of CIG’s partnership with WA Green Schools on Washington’s innovative ClimeTime program. The program is implemented by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and includes Washington Green Schools, the University of Washington and the State Board of Education, among others. 

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Tribes are harnessing cutting-edge data to adapt to the climate crisis

An article in Indian Country Today profiles the Climate Impacts Group’s new Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources and includes comment by project PI, Meade Krosby. 

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